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Kathryn by Kathryn Carter

Room & Linen Sprays Celia Loves : Rose and Tonka Bean

Room & Linen Sprays Celia Loves : Rose and Tonka Bean

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Handcrafted and poured on the Surf Coast of Victoria using, our Rose & Tonka Bean room spray is like that TikTok hack where you boil water and Roses  on the stove to make your house smell scrumptious - only better. And faster. 


Celia Loves triple scented room sprays have been carefully curated to instantly elevate your everyday moments and *seriously* scent your space. Featuring chic vessels and new iconic packaging, they’re a luxe addition to any home (and an epic gift that will get you LOTS of brownie points). We’ve incorporated a balance of both polished and playful scent portfolios, so there’s one for every nose. Now get spritzing, bestie!


  • Fragrance scrumptious & cosy
  • Hand-poured on Victoria’s Surf Coast
  • The Best Australian Scented Room Spray 
  • Triple Scented
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