Hello and Welcome to my world

Hello and Welcome to my world

Hi everybody this is my first ever Blog post on the online store

Welcome to my world.

At Kathryn everything we do is focussed on our amazing customers.. You ...

And over the past 8 months I have been slowly building a brand that focuses on delivering you a clothing range that is affordable, fashion forward, great quality, comfortable to wear and flattering because we are all fabulously different.

I also moved towards stocking an accessories range that consisted of different price points and styles. From the Artisan range of Caravana, to the fine metals and styles designed by Melbourne based designer Nicole Fendel.

Aria and Harper 's range consists of polymer pieces lovingly made by Alisha from New South Wales and Dempse is an affordable and gorgeous earring range made locally by Alex.

We have Billini shoes and soon Benisimon shoes will be joining Kathryn  they are Fashion forward, edgy and totally wearable brands. 

In my mind I wanted a  cohesive range  that enabled you to create a whole outfit including accessories that didn't break the bank. 

I'm a busy Mum of 4 so I get it, from the mayhem of the school drop off, to juggling work, to school pick up and then the whole world of after school activities, life is busy and many of us have limited budgets and time.

So Kathryn was born..

I've met so many wonderful Women through doing the parties in the privacy of your own homes, markets, ladies nights and now personal styling at the showroom and my hope is that it will continue through 2017 and that you will keep giving me your feedback, share your gorgeous photos and most importantly that you keep feeling...

A M A Z I N G ✨✨✨✨

The dress I am wearing below is a bit different for me I usually only wear black, denim, grey with splashes of nude and khaki so for summer I'm embracing colour. It's $55 hides all the areas we may not be too fond of especially post Christmas and it's so flattering and versatile.

This isn't available online at the moment but I do have some available at the showroom. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post and for joining me on this journey because without you this is simply just not possible.

I value every customer and I want you to receive the best customer service and experience available even if it is simply having a cup of tea while you browse at the showroom in a free 20 minute break because that is a what Kathryn is about. 
Thank you,  



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